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About Us
Innovation ​​​​
Guiding Principles
Core Guiding Principles
As a result of the 2008 Strategic Plan, Our Kids’ Board of Trustees created a set of core principles.
Customer Service
Ensures that customer needs are met in a manner that is both child and family focused and that demonstrates commitment to being responsive, respectful to cultural diversity, transparent and accountable.
System and Process
Ensure services are seamlessly integrated, efficient, comprehensive and collaborative within and across providers and stakeholders.
Require the highest quality performance throughout the system of care, utilizing ongoing quality assurance and adopting best practices, including evidence based practices, in order to realize our goals.
Fiscal Fiduciary Responsibility
Maximize existing resources, pursue additional funding sources, create operating efficiencies, and effectively manage costs to reinvest in continually improved quality of service.
Develop new resources and new business practices, including evidence-based practices designed to maximize success, with a focus on achieving best in class results.
Stakeholder Engagement
Engage all key partners, especially children, families and caregivers, in the planning, delivery, monitoring and continuous improvement of the system.
Leadership and Stewardship
Maintain an independent board of community leaders that oversee the system of care. The Board’s primary focus is to establish a strategic direction, establish policy, proactively advocate for system enhancements and innovation, and facilitate relationships.
Transparent Collaboration
Engage the community in developing and sharing best practices, considerate decision-making with partners and stakeholders, and developing new synergies.