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Mental Health and Substance Abuse
Our Kids Clinical Program
The Clinical Program manages the assessment and referral process for behavioral health services including mental health residential programs. We are committed to ensuring that emotional and behavioral problems of children entering the child welfare system are identified promptly, that services are initiated to meet each child’s individual needs and that the quality of services is monitored continuously. In addition, the clinical department offers ongoing consultation and trainings to child welfare staff and community stakeholders.
Making Healthy Choices: A Guide on Psychotropic Medications for Youth in Foster Care
This new guide —written specifically for youth in foster care with input from youth and professionals— looks at ways to handle powerful feelings and behaviors and make healthy choices. Understanding how psychotropic medication can help and what other options are available can be challenging. This guide can help you decide what’s best. Making Healthy Choices includes useful information, questions to ask, worksheets, and tips on:
•Recognizing you need help
•Knowing your rights about your health and who can help you make decisions
•Considering your options, including helpful approaches other than medication
•Making decisions about how best to stay healthy
•Maintaining treatment (taking medication safely and continuing or stopping treatment after leaving foster care)
Download the guide