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Quality Parenting Initiative (QPI)

Foster, Adoptive, and Kinship Care Resource

National Adoption Day
Supporting Families, Connecting Resources
Our Kids welcomes our foster, adoptive, and kinship care families. We encourage you to use this page as a resource for information and links to services.

Prospective Adoptive Parent Application Forms

In order to pursue adoption of children within the dependency system of Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties, the adoption application on this website must be completed and submitted to the children’s dependency case manager. Click here to obtains forms.

Direct Deposit

Do you receive a monthly board rate or adoption subsidy payment from Our Kids? We encourage you to enroll in direct deposit. Please use this form to enroll .

Miami Dade Children’s Courthouse Update

Great news! The new Miami Dade Children’s Courthouse is up and running! Please be aware that all cases will now be heard at the new Miami Dade Children’s Courthouse, located at: 155 NW 3rd Street, Miami, FL 33128.

Training Resources

There are many great training resources available for our families. For example: Foster Parent College – offers online training for caregivers, parents, and teachers.

QPI Florida – Quality Parenting Initiative offers web based programs designed to connect foster parents, kinship or other caregivers with training, peer experts and other resources. Questions are answered and practical solutions to care for children are discussed. All from the comfort of your home or office.

Foster Club – Foster Club's mission is to lead the efforts of young people in and from foster care to become connected, educated, inspired and represented so they can realize their personal potential and contribute to a better life for their peers.

Foster Parent College – offers online training for caregivers, parents, and teachers.



Post Adoption Service Application

Are you an adoptive family who requires temporary case management support, information and referral assistance, and related services? To obtain post adoption services through Our Kids, please complete the Post Adoption Service Application for consideration. As part of the application process, parents are required to provide supporting documentation to justify the service request. Post Adoption Service Application.

Please note: the cost for a service will not be paid when those costs can be or are covered by the adopting family’s medical insurance, Agency for Persons with Disabilities, Children’s Medical Services, Children’s Mental Health Services, Medicaid, or local school districts.


Quality Parenting Initiative

Through our ongoing commitment to upholding and improving upon the Quality Parenting Initiative (QPI) a statewide program established to recruit and retain quality foster parents, we continue to work with our foster parents to increase their PRIDE: Parent, Resource for Information Development, and Education skills, which include meeting a child’s developmental, academic, and social needs; facilitating healthy relationships between foster children and their biological families; and offering security, protection, and permanency. As part of our commitment to creating a community of quality foster families, Our Kids facilitates and participates in many foster parent-directed programs and events throughout the year, with a goal of providing education, training, resources, acknowledgment, and support.