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Caregivers Guide

The Foster Care Program offers you an opportunity to make a difference in the life of a child, who at the moment has no relatives who are able and willing to care for them. You will be able to give them the stability, their life needs at a time when they are facing confusion and distress.
You will receive support from the Case Manager, agency staff, and the Guardian ad Litem (if one is assigned to the case).
They will continue to make you aware of the legal status of the case and the future of the child/children in your home. They are there to ensure you have all the tools necessary to care for, encourage and support the child/children in your home. 
The monthly Board Rate for foster care is dependent on several things:
  • The legal status of the child
  • Age of the child
  • The child's emotional, medical and behavioral issues
  • The different rates according to the full case management agency structure
Some of the other benefits include annual clothing allowance, holiday events, distribution of school supplies, annual respite, counseling, summer camp, after school care and day care. You will be provided with continuous training to enable you to do the best job possible with the children who come into your home. There will also be the opportunity to network and meet with other foster parents.