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Foster Parent Training
All prospective families interested in becoming licensed as foster parents must complete the mandated pre-service training as a condition of licensure. The approved pre-service training is the Florida MAPP (Model Approach to Partnerships in Parenting). A minimum of twenty-one (21) hours must be completed.
Prior to the renewal of the foster care license, each licensed foster parent must complete at least eight (8) hours of approved in-service training. Foster Parents will be offered in-service training opportunities through their FCMA. Foster Parents, as advocates for our children, are encouraged to look to other available trainings and resources in their community. Prior approval to any training you want to take in your community must be obtained by your FCMA. (You will need to provide them with the name and date of the training, trainer, length of the training, and a description of the training). You will also be required upon completion of the approved training to provide documentation to the FCMA that the training has been completed as the certificate will become a part of your re-licensing file.
The following training topics must be completed by foster parents: psychotropic medication and water safety (if a pool is owned). In order to assist you in providing quality care to our children, we recommend the following topics for training: fostering the sexually abused child and employing positive methods to modify inappropriate behaviors.
On-line in-service training is available, for example at Foster Club or Foster Parent College; however, in accordance with the licensing statute, you can only complete half of the required yearly in-service training on-line.