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National Adoption Day 2013
National Adoption Day 2013

On Friday November 22, 2013, Our Kids of Miami-Dade and Monroe Inc. hosted the 2013 National Adoption Day Event at the Miami Children’s Museum.  Those who attended witnessed a special and moving welcome program, followed by a truly grand celebration for 64 children and their adoptive families who legally became a forever family that day.   Our families truly enjoyed the day and appreciated the participation of the judges, child advocates, and community partners and staff that helped make this event a huge success.  Adults and children will remember this event for many years to come and will especially enjoy revisiting the Miami Children’s Museum over the next year with the annual memberships provided by the museum

Our event in Miami is one of many recognized throughout the United States, in communities large and small, when an unprecedented number of courts open their doors to finalize the adoptions of thousands of children in foster care and celebrate all families that adopt.

Since taking over as the lead child welfare agency for Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties in 2005, Our Kids has finalized more than 2,200 adoptions. Florida is a national model for successful adoptions. During the past four years, the state has found homes for nearly 14,000 foster care children; more than 3,000 of those were adopted last year alone.

Over the past year, Florida has also significantly reduced the number of children in foster care available for adoption without an identified family.  We believe that adoption is clearly the best possible outcome when a child’s birth parents are not an option.