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“You have to take risks. We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen.” Paul Coelho
Listen to Our Kids’ past Chairman of our Board about what a joy foster parenting has been.
If you live in Miami or in the Florida Keys and are interested in learning more about becoming a foster parent, contact Our Kids by calling 1-855-786-KIDS or visit us at
Carlos de la Cruz Jr. is immediate past chairman of the Our Kids Board of Trustees and the ex-president of Eagle Brands, Inc. Claudia de la Cruz is president of Centro Mater

“En la vida, tienes que acceptar los riesgos. Sólo podremos entender el milagro de la vida cuando permitamos que lo inesperado suceda” Paul Coelho
Escuche al Señor Carlos de la Cruz, previo Director de la Junta Directiva de Our Kids, en su relato acerca de la satisfactoria experiencia que él y su esposa han tenido como padres sustitutos
Si usted vive en Miami-Dade on en el area de los Cayos, y está interesado en conocer un poco mas acerca de cómo ser un padre sustituto, contacte a Our Kids bien sea lllamando al 1-855-786-KIDS o visitando nuestra dirección web:
El Señor Carlos de la Cruz fue Director de la Junta Directiva de Our Kids y es el ex-presidente de la compañía Eagle Brands. Su esposa, Claudia de la Cruz, es la actual presidenta del Centro Mater.
If state lawmakers really want to prevent any other child in the state from meeting Nubia Barahona’s tragic fate, then they will do everything possible to toughen child-welfare laws before attaching her name to them in her honor. So far, it’s been a mixed bag, legislatively speaking. Some proposals bring a dose of accountability and common sense to make the system better. Others, however, show that some lawmakers need to get real.